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ok so i know that i haven't updated in forever! jenny: i hope all… - Curious College Mind... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 19th, 2005|04:25 pm]
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |montgomery gentry-- my town]

ok so i know that i haven't updated in forever!
jenny: i hope all went well
beth: come home- i miss you
ber: ber, what can i say "mister wonderful" hahaha

you know i have realized that no matter what i do i will never be good enough for my parents- even though i did get that job in houston it doesn't matter to them- all i get is wow it sounds fishy
yeah ok whatever

so last week on tuesday i went for a babysitting interview and the woman said she would call me back friday yeah right just tell me i don't like you- ha for real or at least call when you say you are going to - i tried calling and she never answered too bad that was not professional!

umm other than that went to houston- got a job declined the offer

came home had a wonderful night drinking and spending time with my baby! :) 2 hours what?

jason just left today but i know he'll be back soon

umm still looking for a job up here- i'm about to go to bob evans for crying out loud-- hey beth did you like it there? and if i do go there can i use you as a reference?

i must be moved out of my apt by saturday night and moved into the duplex by then cause we all know i must be at the italian festival on sunday by noon or so and then i have jury duty all that next week and on friday i go to MIS to help the TKE boys out with a fundraiser-- remember all that people do for you guys! then if i don't get a case i come up and on monday the first i sign a lease and by the 4th need to be moved in by 12 noon because i have appts all day down state thursday and friday!

so if you wanna come up and ride on the bus for my birthday i need your address and a donation of $5 per person cause not only is there a bus but i'm hoping i can bring a keg on it!!!

the new address will be: 1000 West Wheeler Midland MI 48640--- not sure on the zip quite yet!

other than that wish me luck and i miss ya'll